Essential Factors to Focus Upon While Setting up a New Business in Thailand?

For an outsider, setting up a business in Thailand may look little complicated at first. But once you develop a clear understanding of the business environment and culture in this country, leading a brand with foreign ownership would not be that difficult. In fact, when you start following adequate procedures, it may be possible to attract more audience towards your niche.

Here we are going to talk about some of the most important factors to set up business as per Thai culture so that you can succeed with your goals with ease. Note that the culture in Thailand is greatly affected by many other Asian countries, including India and China. In order to grab the best growth opportunities in this country, you should first learn to respect all cultural aspects.

Cultural aspects:

One of the key expressions of Thai Culture is Wai. It is basically a prayer where people clasp their hands while bowing their head. This evidence can be observed almost everywhere at a farewell, greeting and any religious gathering as well. Other important aspects of Thai business are its political climate and economic situations. Thailand can provide significant growth opportunities for entrepreneurs in the country.


At present, the country is experiencing a low unemployment rate, and the economic situation is really good. The imports and exports are running at favourable pace in Thailand. Some of the major export commodities include plastics, rubber, vehicles, machinery and electronic equipment. And the main export partners are the United States, Japan and China. If we talk about imports, Thailand is more connected to ASEAN countries, Japan and China, along with the United States and the European Union. Some of the most common import commodities are plastics, steel, rubber, machinery, mineral fuels and electronic equipment.

Favourable factors:

The Thai economy is primarily based on tourism, financial services, electronics, automotive, steel, manufacturing, textile, fishing and agriculture industries. You will be happy to hear that Thailand has achieved 21st rank in the World Bank’s ranking for ease of doing business. The government has established several new rules and regulations to make the process simpler for outsiders. This is the main reason why a large number of foreign companies are entering Thailand and are contributing to the uplift national economy by a considerable level.

There is a wide range of businesses that foreigner nationals can run in Thailand. You can start trading in real property, set up television broadcasting or newspaper as well. There are plenty of rules to govern operations of a foreign company, and you must gain enough information about them before company registration in Thailand. It is advised to find some reliable Thai partners for your business to ease the process. The VISA requirements, registration fee and the capital requirements may also vary depending upon the type of company you want to open. It is better to take help from a local agency to complete all relevant procedures with ease. They may help you to follow all the essential rules and regulations without any trouble.

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