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Guide to Hiring Thai Staff for Your Business in Thailand

When you are ready to open a new business in Thailand, one of the most important assets you need is manpower. Whether you are going to do company registration in Thailand as a local resident or wish to invest as a foreign investor, there are plenty of growth opportunities to lock-in. However, the first most thing that demands your attention is hiring reliable staff.


What Business Idea may work in Thailand?

Starting a business in Thailand is straightforward. Nowadays, people are opting for Thailand as their business hub. People register their company in Thailand because of the schemes and benefits that BOI (Board of Investment) provides to the business holders. Moreover, Thailand is solely dependent on Tourists. According to a study, more than 40% of people residing in Thailand are tourist. However, registering a company in Thailand will require paperwork and proper identification, which will make you eligible for putting a shop or business centre in Thailand.


Essential Factors to Focus Upon While Setting up a New Business in Thailand?

For an outsider, setting up a business in Thailand may look little complicated at first. But once you develop a clear understanding of the business environment and culture in this country, leading a brand with foreign ownership would not be that difficult. In fact, when you start following adequate procedures, it may be possible to attract more audience towards your niche.


Is the Memorandum of Association filing mandatory for the company registration in Thailand?

A lot of people are wondering if filing the memorandum of association for the company registration in Thailand is mandatory or not. There are many tasks involved with the company registration in Thailand process, and it’s important to understand each one of them. Either that, or you will need to work closely with professionals so you can get the best possible results and the entire experience. It really helps quite a bit and it offers you the type of value and experience you need all the time no matter the situation.


Qualities of Top International Schools in Bangkok

Taking your kid to an international school has numerous benefits, such as character development, exposure to the new ethos and access to quality education. Such institutes also stimulate creativity and prepare your kids for life after school.

The challenge, however, is discovering what makes an international school outstanding. Here are the qualities of the top international schools in Bangkok.


How much should you pay for rent after company registration in Thailand?

The company registration in Thailand process is designed to be very convenient and professional. But the most important aspect to keep in mind about it is the fact that you end up not knowing what direction to take in and what to expect. It all comes down to figuring out a system that you will enjoy, which is super professional and the experience itself can be a great one if you do it right. What you do need to consider with the company registration in Thailand is how much will it cost.


Builders of the Future at a Thailand International School

The American School of Bangkok (ASB) is a Thailand International School. This means it follows programs based on the American or British curriculum. An excellent way to help expat children adapt to their new life in a new country like Thailand is to enroll them in an international school. There are many Thai families too, who want their children to be in an international school because they want their children to be successful, to enter into top universities of the world.


Designed to perform with Office space for rent Bangkok

High up in one of Bangkok’s most sought after buildings, Interchange21; you will find the main business centre on floors 32 and 33. If you are looking for excellent office space for rent Bangkok, these experts will help you find the perfect space and time frame for your office needs. You might be wondering why Interchange21 when there is so much other office space available.


Important Factors to Consider When Starting a Business in Thailand

In building a business, there many challenges beforehand before you totally launched your company. There are risks you have to face and sacrifices you have to endure. Now that you are planning to have a business venture in Thailand, you also need to consider factors before you decide. This is to make sure that you made the right step and you will achieve what you aim.