Guide to Hiring Thai Staff for Your Business in Thailand

When you are ready to open a new business in Thailand, one of the most important assets you need is manpower. Whether you are going to do company registration in Thailand as a local resident or wish to invest as a foreign investor, there are plenty of growth opportunities to lock-in. However, the first most thing that demands your attention is hiring reliable staff. You might have some common questions running in your mind such as where to find the right people, how much Thai workers earn, what should I expect from Thai employees, and is there a way to hire talented Thai workers.

How can you find Thai Staff for your new business?

The great news is that Thailand offers a positive environment for hiring skilled manpower. Here you can find plenty of workers at affordable rates to lead your new business. It is not just about hiring any worker; you can find the most desirable ones near business hubs. You can start by posting an ad online. There are plenty of big online databases for manpower seekers and job finders in Thailand. You can place a decent advertisement online in the English language to inform people that you are hiring.

Many experienced and skilled Thai professionals can be also found on LinkedIn. So, you can post job updates over there as well to get some quick responses. Some foreign investors even prefer to reach freelancers available on LinkedIn to take their business to a whole new level with a virtual setup. Make sure you use the right search term to find the manpower online in Thailand. It can help you to narrow down your search for staff in Thailand. Chances are that you will receive a list of hundreds of applicants and then you have to conduct interviews to select the best ones to take your business ahead.

How much you have to pay for the staff in Thailand?

The average salary per month in Thailand is usually around 14000 THB that comes out to be $440 USD. This salary package is for unskilled workers or the minimum wage earners in the country. The salary of other skilled and professionally trained staff in Thailand tend to be higher as compared to the unskilled workers.

If we check the recent data available on the Thailand Board of Investment, the monthly salaries for the Junior Software Developers may begin from 30,000 THB. On the other side, the Senior Developers may need 70,000 to 120,000 THB or even higher.

Thai culture is known for rich-social behavior and a sense of belongingness. You will find your staff members closely attached to each other and it gets easier to ensure a calming and motivating environment at the workplace. They are very responsible for their duties and love to maintain a light-hearted work environment in the office premises. After knowing all these valuable aspects of Thai work culture, you can now post an advertisement for new staff for your business in Thailand.

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